Saturday, 24 March 2018


I cannot believe in the nearly two years I have lived in Brighton, I have only visited the pier a few times. Being the day after I finished the first part of semester two of my second year of uni, I finally had the time to go visit and really explore the pier of my uni town (i also experienced the terror that is seagulls- scroll down for a laugh.)
Trousers (Tobi)*
Jacket (H&M) similar here
Shoes (Vans)
Bag (Pull&Bear)
Earrings (Primark)

It seems that the world and their mother have this camo jacket which probably explains why they are sold out everywhere but its such a perfect puffer! The trousers I was kindly gifted from Tobi and I love them! They are pretty formal looking so you can wear them to formal events but you can also dress them down like i did with a cute top and everyone's favourite Vans.
Now time for the seagull story: So there I was walking down the BUSY pier with my friend and suddenly she screams and grabs me, so obviously I start screaming and I look what she is screaming at. A bunch of seagulls are flying towards us and we just duck and scream even more because those birds are like hawking devils with wings. We run a short distance and see this little girl screaming and crying and my friend was like the seagull flew and stood on the little girls head and then pecked the donut out of her hand whilst it was halfway to her mouth. Next thing I knew, the brother was throwing bread into the flying formation of about thirty seagulls above our heads and laughing. We just screamed, laughed and ran away. Haha i made that sound so dramatic but it was very funny lol. 


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