Wednesday, 28 February 2018


Hello, it's been a while hasn't it? I only really have myself to blame and am tired giving you the same excuse, so let's just say it once more: 'Georgia sucks at balancing uni and blogging.' I just do and i am accepting that now.

I have restarted my instagram this past week and thought I would restart a very old series a long with it: my month in pictures. I missed january so I am going to combine it with February.
January was the month where the big stress ball of exams and finding a new place to live for third year came rolling at me. I didn't go out or do much as most of my time was spent in the library. A January highlight for me was definitely seeing The Greatest Showman- it was amazing, buying my camo jacket and the my Macbook, doing my makeup for the first time in a month and finishing exams, ofcourse.

February was such a nice month for me! Compared to January, I went out waaaay more. I ate a bunch of fast food (which is now really hard to say no to) and consumed a bunch of alcohol. I went to my first ever Bingo event, which was super cool! It wasn't your classical bingo as it was more catered towards students (the middle photo does not give the experience justice.)
I also made a new kick ass bullet journal weekly which worked so well and turned out lovely.
February was also a month of weird weather in Brighton. As the country plummeted to artic temperatures, my friend and I decided to head to the beach and rick frostbite trying to get cute pictures of ourselves and the sunset. Then the following day the Beast from the East decides to hit us with a bunch of snow and we made Gregor.

What have you been up to this month?


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