Tuesday, 26 September 2017


Hello! It's that time of the month again where I update you all on my fitness journey. I've done a one month and two month update and now it is time for my third month update!

I'm not going to faff around about it for too long so I am just going to jump into the bit you all want to hear. How much weight have you actually lost, Georgia? I have lost a total of 3lbs this month. 3lbs. This brings my total weight loss to 12lbs. I am really frustrated about this because my weight loss seems to just continue to  decrease month after month.

The third month of my fitness journey was one of the hardest months. I was juggling gym, working full time and going back and forth from uni all at the same time. I still managed to get to the gym at least three times a week, however, I was not eating the best I could (I discovered Pasta&Sauce (try it, it's amazing.))

So as you can see from my insert i have not mixed my workouts up much this month. Working full time disallowed me to spend as much time as i like at the gym so I didn’t put that much thought into my workouts. I did however try out some new machines which I absolutely adored. Also, my workout routine seemed to work just as fine this month as it did the previous months so I am not too bummed about that. 

My hopes for next month
So for the first two weeks I will not be going to the gym as my contract actually runs out. By the time you read this I will already be at university so will be into my third week of my fourth month and will have (hopefully) joined my uni gym and have at least one workout under my belt. Yes, so I will be cooking for myself so I will know exactly what is going into my food and hence my belly. I plan to workout even harder as I will be going to the gym with some of my friends so I will definitely be pushing myself. 
I am also planning on putting together a mini eating plan, perhaps for about three days, if my eating does end up helping me out.


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