Friday, 1 September 2017


Hello, happy Friday! I have realised it has been a while since I last shared with you some of favourite shows that I have been watching on Netflix and on TV in general. i have compiled a short list of shows that will definitely set you up for the weekend. So if you watch Netflix on a laptop, MacBook(I just got mine and I am absolutely in love) or on a flat screen TV, like this Ultra HD TV by Panasonic, I have got you covered!

Jessica Jones
I started off by watching The Defenders for about five minutes and then a twitter user told me to watch JJ first so i did. In my first day of watching it I watched 7 episodes. Thats seven hours, I LOVE it. If the world of superheroes is short of something, it's women and Jessica Jones does a kick ass job of representing us. She is a Private Investigator with super strength. The series follows her journey into finding a 'man' of her past and of course there are complications on the way.
Game Of Thrones
Who hasn't been watching Game of Thrones lately? Honestly, this show is kicking ass at the moment.  This season is up there in terms of drama, surprises and fight scenes with the likes of season 1-4. Now I am not going to tell you what this show is about because I am pretty sure even alien life forms on Mars know what GoT is but if you haven't watched it yet I am going to give you one word, well two. Dragons. Big Dragons. 

With the season finale coming on September 4th, I couldn't be more excited. The show, which is about New York drug cartels and the police, was not very exciting this season until the last few episodes but then I got hooked again after the second last episode of the current season has left me in terrible suspense. 

I will never not watch this New York based show about lawyers. Like most shows I have watched this  year this season is getting so much better towards the end! I am so happy the boys are back to wear they belong (I don't want to type any spoilers, so I will leave it there.)

Orphan Black 
I am so upset this show has ended. The ending was spectacular and honestly recommend everyone and their aunt to watch this show. Orphan Black is about clones. How do they get so many identical actresses? Well all 6 of the main clones are played by the same woman. The SAME woman. The show follows these clones finding out who made them, why they were made, how they were made, are there more of them? Who is on their side and who isn't on their side. Honestly if you love science or just love strange but very dramatic and spot on TV, definitely watch this.

That's what I have been watching so far! I would love to know what you are watching.


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