Wednesday, 23 August 2017


Hello! It's been two months since I started my fitness journey and it's been one month since I posted my first month fitness update. This month bought a lot of changes to both my diet and workout plan.

During this month I have found it very difficult to lose weight. For the first two weeks I lost a total of 4lbs but then for the next two weeks I didn't lose anything. Nothing. It was very disheartening but the thing is, I could SEE changes, why weren't the scales telling me the same thing? However, seeing these changes finally gave me the push to continue. If you want to see a plethora of before and afters, make sure to follow my insta: here.

My Fitness Plan

This month I have been doing a straight 22 minutes cardio and then weight training. My weight training routine really depends on the day and my mood but I mostly follow this routine:

Something I am changing up for this month is dedicating different days to certain parts of my body. I am also going to be trying HIIT training, which I am really excited for because it helps not only improve fitness levels but also burns much more calories.

My Food Diary:

As you know the key to weightloss is 70% diet so it is so important you eat right.
This month I tried eggs. For the first time. Hold your gasp. No I have not been brave enough to venture into hard boils eggs just yet but instead I have been enjoying :

  • Scrambled egg on wholemeal toast
Something new I have tried this month is:
  • My Protein's Meal Replacement Shake.
You Know what? It's pretty good! I struggle to eat lunch so I normally have this. However, since I started working full time in August I thought I best bring in some lunch which is:
  • Fruit bowl (watermelon, strawberries, melon and pears) with Onken 0% Fat Onken Yogurt. 
If you follow me on instagram (@getfitwithgee) you will know I have been LOVING tuna. My fave is either:
  • Sweet potato with tuna, mayo and sweetcorn
  • My version of a tuna salad: tuna, lettuce, cucumber and, tomato. 

So that's my two month fitness update! I am disappointed with the 4lbs weightloss because I KNOW I have lost more (the inches lost even say so.) Instead I am going to focus more on my appearance not the scales- well try to. 
However, now is a new month. I'm going to step up my workout game. Perhaps, HIIT training and interval training and dedicated muscle days. I also want to experiment with more recipes but the is difficult since I work full time. 

Hope you enjoyed this! If you try any of my exercise routine, please let me know on my instagram! 


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