Sunday, 16 July 2017


Hello guys, this week marked my first complete month since I started my fitness and weight loss journey. I thought I would start this series to not only document this journey  but also to motivate myself and hopefully to inspire you. In these types of posts I will share with you my fitness plans/ workouts of the past month and some staple meals I have been having. Without further a do, lets jump right in to my one month fitness update.

During the course of this month I have lost a total of 5lbs. I would like to have lost more, around 7lbs  but I had a lot of ups and downs involving the gym (I would miss out going for days) and also my food habits were not something to be proud of. However, 5lbs is still amazing and I am super happy that I lost it.

My Fitness Plan:
As I wanted to loose weight I decided the more cardio, the better. This was for about two weeks of the month but then in the last two weeks, after some research and following a bunch of fitness instas, I decided I wanted to tone up as well and so I started weight training a bit more. I found that in the last two weeks I lost more weight than I did in the first two weeks.
Here's my fitness plan on how I lost 5lbs in one month:

This is exactly what I did to lose the weight. I'm in no way a professional and therefore no way saying you need to do only these exercises to loose 5lbs. However, this is what worked for me. In regards to the number of kg of the weights, I am very weak and can barely lift anything so go with what you think is best for you.
What I love about this workout is that it leaves my muscles burning and burns fat at the same time! I did this workout every time I went to the gym but if it gets too repetitive for you, you can of course change it up!

My Food Diary:
Food wrongfully took a back seat to exercising this month and thus, I was not eating as well as I should have. I'm not going to do a graphic for this section this month because, like I said, I did not eat that great (my carb macros were crazy!) Here's a brief overview of what I ate on a daily basis:

  • Breakfast: 2 pieces of wholmeal toast with Asda's smooth peanutbutter
  • Lunch: Garlic and herb wrap with cheese, chorizo, philadelphia and salad
  • Dinner: turkey with vegetables
  • Snacks: rice cakes, lattes, tea
Most days, my healthiest meal was dinner. I loved cooking at uni but since coming home I haven't cooked much so I mostly ate rubbish.  My most frequent dinner was turkey and vegetables. I absolutely love turkey but unfortunately at home its difficult finding the correct type of meal in the freezer. However now going into my second month, I'm eating so much better, with much less carbs and saturated fats. 

Goals For Next Month's Update:
I want to loose another 5lbs this month and I also want to start weight training even more. As intimidating the weight section of the gym is, I'm determined to get stronger this month. I'm also going to start taking MyProtein's Meal Replacement as I struggle to eat lunch everyday. This will hopefully help me loose both weight and allow me to have lunch! Its also high in protein which will thankfully increase my protein macros. 

I really hope you enjoyed My One Month Fitness Update! I really enjoyed writing this and hopefully it has inspired/ motivated you! If you do used this workout, please let me know over on my new fitness insta: @getfitwithgee with the hashtag #getfitwithgee


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