Sunday, 9 July 2017


With university finished, summer is finally here and so much free time has suddenly popped up. So much free time which could be spent finally getting around to reading all the books that have been on my to read list forever (check out my autumn/ winter tbr here)
I have compiled a short list, purely because these books are big and I don't want to be too optimistic, of all of the books I want to read over this summer. I've chosen big books because I doubt I will get a chance to read them next academic year so its either this summer... or next.

I most definitely want to finish reading the rest of the Harry Potter series which has been my goal for a very long time. I only have three left (including the one I am reading now) so it is definitely doable.
Outlander is on here because I want to start watching the TV show, which has already come to the UK. I'm not too good with historical fiction so I might just have to try my luck with this one ans see how it goes. Falling Kingdoms is another fantasy book in a series which I cannot wait to read. Apparently its Game of Thrones-esque so it's obviously a must.
I'm about halfway through Station Eleven and keep on putting it down and picking it up again but its a really goof book. Ready Player One is a very hyped book and I know its set in the 80s so I am very excited to read this. I love Matt Damon and really want to watch 'The Martian' but I obviously have to read the book first.

The rest of The Mortal Instrument series is on here because I need to get this series out of the way and finger crossed, this summer I will. I've been stuck on book four for a good year now so hopefully I will surpass it.

Well that's all that's on my summer TBR. I would love to know what's on yours!



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