Monday, 13 February 2017


Having finished exams and basically having nothing to do, coming home I just seemed to gravitate towards my laptop and moments later I found myself binge watching Netflix. Hours passed and whoops, I have finished multiple series.

Today I thought I would add another installment to my TV Show saga and share with you all the shows I have been watching.

1) Gilmore Girls
Who hasn't been watching Gilmore Girls recently? GG follows the journey of a single mother, Lorelai and her daughter, also named Lorelai but goes by the name Rory. The show is such a cute dromedy and you'll find yourself sitting down for one episode and suddenly realising you've actually watched five!

2)The OA
A new Netflix show, The OA explores the 'after life' and what there is after we die. The OA is about a blind girl called Prairie who goes missing. Seven years later, Prairie shows up again only now she has her sight back. The show follows what happened to Prairie and how she went blind in the first place to how she can suddenly see again.

3) The Vampire Diaries
The first show I fell in love with. I can't believe it is on its last season! I am so upset that it's going to end but I am loving this season.

I'm currently watching Helix as I type. Helix follows a group of scientists in a lab in the Arctic. All hell breaks loose when a virus starts to spread and a special team is sent to contain it. The problem? The virus is nasty and the person who initially had the virus is one of the lead scientist's brother. Things get very interesting.

Those are the four shows I've been binge watching these past few weeks. Please feel free to recommend me any shows you think I may like as I am always on the look out for more to watch!

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