Saturday, 31 December 2016


Happy New Years Eve! We are so close to having completed another year and boy has this year sped by.
I am one of those people who set themselves New Years Resolutions. I love the whole 'New Years, New Me' ideology as it allows me to start from a clean slate and we all love a clean slate, don't we?
This year I have set myself  what I hope are achievable goals. However, one thing I love doing before setting myself new year resolutions is to look back on my goals from last year, which you can read about here.

I have achieved most of my goals such as revising, going to a different country and even loosing some weight! Some I have partially completed such as, reading the Harry Potter Series (I've read two), I've saved up a few pounds, read 17 books as opposed to 35 AND have expanded my blog a bit.

Now it's time for my 2017 goals:

1) Go to another country I have never been to.
2) Achieve a good grade for first year
3) Meet new people
4) Read 20 books
5) Be more sociable
6) Expand my blog.

I'm only setting myself six goals this year in hopes it will force me to get some done as opposed to having a big daunting list. Again, I want to travel and see more of the world. I also want to meet some new people and I hope to force myself to become more sociable (I am still in my first year of university and I need to stop making excuses for not wanting to do something and just do it.)

As for education and reading, I have set myself some realistic goals. I haven't given myself a certain grade to achieve, just one I am happy with and have also given myself a readable amount of 20 books to read.

As always, I want to expand my blog and grow it to the best it can be by producing good content. No more, two minutes to write posts with crappy photography, I want to be consistent and brilliant with photography and content.

With that, I end my last post of 2016!  I would like to wish you a very happy and safe new year and say thank you for supporting me and my blog for the past year!

Well, I hope you enjoyed looking into all of the things I want to achieve this coming year. Do we share any goals?


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