Sunday, 30 October 2016


It's the month that's one month away from Christmas, so it's November. The start of a new month signifies a new bullet journal: plan with me. This month's edition: November. 

For November, I've changed some things up a bit, which you will see from my flip through at the end of the year and a little preview in this post, too. For this month, I have chosen to do my theme in purple.

Also this month is home to Guy Fawke's day which takes place on November 5th. For those of you who don't know who Guy Fawkes is, he essentially tried to blow up the houses of Parliament and failed. Thus on November 5th every year we set off a bunch of fireworks in ode to that day, hence the fireworks around the monthly view. 

I also re added my currently page and added a few sections of other things i'm currently doing such as, eating and listening to. 

As for dailies and weeklies, I haven't thought about what my spreads will look like yet but you can see what they look like from the video and October's Plan With Me. 

What does your set up look like for this month?


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