Sunday, 11 September 2016


We all love a good book haul, don't we? There's nothing like sitting down with a cup of tea and reading/ watching about new books; it's like being in a virtual coffee shop! In September I bought a few books (compared to what I normally buy.) Now just three days away from moving to university, I'm buying new books to take with me, as opposed to taking the many I already have. But hey ho, new books are new books. So let's role on with my September book haul...

'We Are All Made of Molecules' by Susin Nielsen
I'm a Chemistry student so there was no way I wasn't going to get this book! I believe it's a contemporary books about a girl and boy who meet and have a relationship (unique, i know.) I'm kidding, it's actually more interesting than that. The book is about Stewart and Ashley. Stewart's dad and Stewart are moving in with Ashley and her mum. The house is prettty awkward  and apparently it's about to get even weirder.

'Elantris' by Brandon Sanderson
I finally have a B. Sanderson physical book but omg it sticks of cigarettes and is basically falling apart but i still have one! Elantris is in another Sanderson world. Elantris, Arelon. As Elantris starts to rot a Princess arrives called Sarene, who is betrothed to Raoden but Raoden is dead but Sarene still wants to fight for the freedom of others but theres magic forces in play.

Now moving on to the books my brother gave me. I can't believe he even had books since he never reads anything.

'Life of Pi' by Yann Martel.'
I've seen the movie without the intention of reading the book. Now I have a copy, I might give it a go. Life of Pi is about a boy who gets stranded at sea with a tiger, but is it really a tiger or is it just a play on the mind and the tiger is a metaphor?

'Great Expectations' by Charles Dickens.
Welcome, the first classic I have ever owned. I have some modern classics (here) and I really want to get into reading classics. I read the first chapter of GE in year ten and I liked it so hopefully I will like the rest.

'Animal Farm' by George Orwell
Another book that is heavy on the English Literature GCSE syllabus. I never read this book at GCSE- I wish I did, though. I've heard good things about Animal Farm and I definitely want to read it, along with 1984.

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Well these are all the books I have bought in September... so far. I don't think I will buy anymore because, well, I don't think I will have any money to! (crying emoji face)


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