Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Summer is slowly coming to an end, already evolving into Autumn! I mean it's only 8 o'clock as I type this and its already pitch black. I am so excited for Autumn to start (it's definitely my favourite season) but I am kind of sad to say goodbye to the summer of 2016 as it was a real summer of firsts for me. So let's see what happened in the Summer of '16.
The summer began with me finishing my A2 exams... again and then being quickly whisked away to Turkey. Well, I wasn't quickly whisked away I more trudged, ran, stomped and stood all the way to Gatwick airport. 

Turkey was amazing, I sunbathed a lot, ate a lot and went on a jet ski for the first time ever- which was exhilarating. I also found out that I can't tread water for anything. Also during Turkey, I turned 19 and I can't believe I have only one year left of teenage hood and I'll soon be entering the second decade of my life. 

Since getting back from Turkey, on the first of July, I have been working nearly everyday in attempts to save for university. I also caught up and started so many TV shows on Netflix such as: Orphan Black, Stranger Things, Power and Gilmore Girls and I still have so much more to watch. I've also gone out occasionally but nothing to extravagant.  I did find out that the dough balls from Pizza Express are life, though.

Then on August 18th, results day came and I found out I didn't get into my first choice university... again. BUT I am totally okay with that. Honestly, I am. I tried my best and clearly it was not meant to be. Yes, it would have been nice to get those certain grades but hey ho, it didn't happen and I can't change a thing.
The rest of summer I spent working (still) and performing the very difficult task of finding roomates and a house to live in. 

So now, in two weeks time, I will be heading of for university and the Autumn of '16 can commence.

How was your summer?



Wednesday, 10 August 2016


Ever imagine what your life would be like without your blog? Just take a few moments to imagine it. If your like me and have been blogging regularly for a few years now, you probably don't remember whats its like to not have a blog.
If we didn't blog we'd have so much more extra time on our hands. The problem is, what would we do with that time? Would we have to find a new hobby? What will our new hobbies be?
Given, we'd take much less photos but then our Instagram wouldn't be as pretty and our life documentation and photography skills of flowers and lipsticks would be considerably poor.