Saturday, 2 July 2016


Lat year, I finally turned 18 and I was SO happy about that. I finally would have more freedom and would be able to do what I want, as that's what 18 year olds do, right? Well... I was wrong. I was wrong about a lot of things really but I was right about some! Here are the top 18 things I learned from my first year of adulthood!

  1. Being an adult really isn't what I expected it to be.
  2. The cheapest ways to get from A- B, since I now have to pay for travel. 
  3. You suddenly have responsibilities in the form of bills. 
  4. Eventhough I have the power to vote, I know it won't change anything but voting for change is a lot of pressure. 
  5. The pay rise you get because you turned 18 really doesn't make a difference in your life. 
  6. I've learnt how to cook- well forced too, really. 
  7. I spend way too much money online on clothes. That's right, when you can't see your money you apparently have infinite funds. 
  8. Organisation is the key to success. Yes, BuJo has saved my life
  9. Progress takes time. 
  10. Not all hard work goes noticed 
  11. Going on holiday by yourself costs an arm and a leg. 
  12. I have a slight new obsession with different flowers and flower types, check my insta if you don't believe me. 
  13. Being 18 doesn't necessarily mean I'm an adult as I can barely look after myself. 
  14. Clubbing really isn't all that. Movie nights are sometimes way better. 
  15. Push myself. Sometimes I don't want to do something but then I force myself to and am so happy that I did. 
  16. Just because I am an adult does not necessarily mean I am treated as one. 
  17. I am way more lost at the age of 18 than at the age of 17
  18. I get drunk SO easily #hellolightweight
So 18 really wasn't a life changing age for me. I just ended up being a bit more lost with a tiny bit more freedom compared to the age of seventeen. Hopefully in a years time, when i'll be turning 20 (omg) I would have learned way more from being 19.

What have you learned in the past year? Let's hope you've learned better things than I have!


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