Friday, 8 July 2016


For the past three years, I have always blogged about my birthday and given a little OOTD and this year is going to be no different. Actually this year is going to be a bit more special because I celebrated my birthday in a foreign country for the first time ever! I went to Turkey on the 24th June and the 25th of June was my 19th birthday, here's what I got up to:
The hotel we were staying at was all inclusive (thank god) so I overdosed on pancakes and then we all went to go on a boat trip. The boat trip was really fun despite realising that I am absolutely dire at treading water and nearly drowned a max of five times. We visited about four different sea locations near Bodrum all of which had beautiful clear waters.
We came home after being rocked on a boat for seven hours, had some dinner and then got ready to go out. All of my outfit is Boohoo! I love the asymmetric skirt as it makes my legs look longer than they really are and then headed out to the strip, which is in Gumbet. The strip was very lively. We literally got drinks handed to us left, right and center (we never paid for drinks on a night out!)

Overall, my 19th birthday was really lovely and different to any other birthday I have ever had. Those of you who live in hot countries really are lucky, you can do so much on your birthdays!


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