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Hey guys, welcome to the second installment in my Bullet Journal series. In this edition I am going to be teaching you all How to Start a Bullet Journal. Keep in mind, I am no Boho Berry (although who wouldn't want to be the BuJo queen?) and I am still coming to grips with what I like and what suits me. I have had a bullet journal for more that three months now, so it's time to share with you guys 'How to Start a Bullet Journal.'
My last post explained all the essentials you will need to start a bullet journal. Click here to access that post. If you don't want to click the post, I recommend you do though, I'll briefly run down what you need.

NOTEBOOK - Leuchturm 1917 (amazon) / Moleskin (amazon)  (both dotted)
PENS - Staedtler Triplus Fine Liners (here or amazon)  / Papermate Inkjoy (amazon) / Staedtler Ballpoint Rainbow Pens (amazon)
CREATIVE SUPPLIES - Washi Tape (amazon) / Journal Stickers (amazon) / Watercolours (amazon) / Stencils (amazon and amazon)

Now, lets get into HOW to start your bullet journal.
If you have chosen a Leuctturm 1917, your notebook already comes with an index, where you put in everything. This makes it so much easier to find things when you start filling up your BuJo. If you have a Moleskin, you'd have to write your own index but it is pretty simple.

I, for one, forgot to put in a key but I don't really need one. You can check out the official bullet journal system key here. I don't need a key because i just use hollow bullet point circles.

This helps with forward planning. You basically just put the whole year on one page. Here you can circle important dates.

You can also use a future log for future planning. I like doing this two/ three months in advance at a time. It's so nice having a future log because I'll hardly forget any dates and when it comes to doing my monthly spreads, I can easily fill in what I need to do out.

You don't have to put in goals, but you can. I do both monthly goals and yearly goals.

Collections are simply groups of one thing on a page. For example, you can have books to read, movies to watch, tv shows you've watched. These are just fun pages that help you track things. For example, here you can see how I track how many times I go to the gym a week.

Speaking of tracking things, trackers are a key page/ section in nearly every Bullet Journaller's BuJo. I used to dedicate a whole page to a tracker, instead now, as you can see, I just put it in a little section on my monthly spread.

A monthly spread is essentially your monthly dashboard. I still haven't found a monthly spread which suits me and it is constantly changing. I already hate this monthly spread but it's good for what I need. My monthly spread includes my goals for the month, to do's, my work schedule and a mini calendar. 

I LOVE this page. It is what it says it is, you simply draw/ write down your memories for that month.

I love this layout I currently have going on. Its so clean and precise. Again within my weekly, I have mini goals for the week, to dos and my expenses as well as my blog post schedule and work schedule. I also have a 'currently' section where I just reflect on the week.

Forgot something? Just add it in between pages! Your bullet journal is not supposed to be perfect. In fact, its supposed to be the opposite, as long as it keeps you organised. Don't be afraid to mess things up, that's what the washi tape is for ;)

So, that's How To Start a Bullet Journal. You don't have to follow this, you do what you want to do. If you make a mistake on the way, don't worry about it, just cover it up (with drawings, washitape, post its. etc) and move on. Also, don't expect to get everything right right away- I'm still getting to grips with what suits me but I and you will get there.


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