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Hi guys, welcome to my first ever hotel review! I've never done one of these before but I felt as though I had to review this hotel. Most of the hotel was great but then again, most parts of the hotel were really bad. The hotel in question is: the Bodrum Beach Resort based in Bodrum, Turkey

Location: The hotel is in a prime location, with walking distance from the strip in Gumbet and walking distance from the Bodrum beach front, which possesses a bunch of beach space, restaurants and bars. In relation to Bodrum town, you have to take a cab as the town is based after a steep hill but cab fares are fairly cheap.

Facilities: The hotel has two pools. One pool is a stand alone, which is not very deep and the other consists of five waterslides. 
There is also a gym and a relax lounge and pool. However, you have to access that from a different part of the hotel (quite confusing.) 
In terms of WiFi; their WiFi was awful. Firstly, it was not free. Secondly, once you did pay a ridiculous price for it, the connection was so bad that it didn't even reach one of our rooms and only barely worked by the pool. Whatsapp calls with my mum only lasted about a few seconds before the connection went.

Food: At the hotel, we went all inclusive, so we got breakfast, lunch, dinner and after dinner, as well as snacks and drinks included.
Overall the food was quite nice. Of course it wasn't spectacular as every night presented a different menu in a buffet form. However, it was good value for money. My favourite meal was breakfast which I mostly got pancakes and sucuk, which was delicious. Lunch always consisted of either a make your own burger or some kebab. Lunch was not served in the dining hall but instead by the area by the pool. 
After dinner always was soup with bread and leftover fresh fruit (I probably consumed three whole watermelons in the time I was there.)

Rooms and Cleanliness: Both of our rooms and the condition they were in were very poor. Upon arrival we found not only did our room have a rubbish and completely shaded view of the childs playground, they were in awful condition. Fair enough the bed's were made, but the rooms over head lights did not work, there was no toilet paper and the floor was dirty.
Over the course of our seven day stay, the light was fixed on the fifth day, after I complained about it. Our room was swept up but never mopped, our bed sheets were changed once but the bed was never made. The rooms was never cleaned, if we left an empty packet or wrappers they stayed there. No fresh towels were given until we asked. To top it off, the WiFi did not reach the rooms (what was I paying for!?) Over all the rooms were in very poor condition.

Staff: The staff were the most disappointing part of my stay. I believe as a group of young girls we were taken advantage of and this meant the staff were very rude to us. We were treated as if we were a tourist attraction with them staring and laughing at us wherever we went. The staff even went far enough to bitch about us in Turkish until one of our Turkish friend's pointed out that she indeed understands what they are saying. 
At reception, we were always made to wait ridiculously long times whilst other people came and went. It wasn't until our holiday representative stepped in and said we were under his care that they finally listened and took action. 
One time, I went alone to breakfast and as I was putting my breakfast the two chefs literally stood and laughed at me.

Bodrum Beach Resort, despite having nice facilities and food, was a poor place to stay at. I've never felt so uncomfortable at a hotel due to the staff. I felt that we were taken advantage of and if we were with our families, we would have had a whole different experience, with better rooms, cleaner rooms and friendlier staff. The WiFi, which we had to pay extra for, was terrible and the staff were just incredibly rude- not even offering a hello or goodbye when we left. 

Overall, I'd give the Bodrum Beach Resort: 2.5 /5


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