Sunday, 3 April 2016


To be honest, I never really know how to start these types of posts. I could go on and say: 'omg a year has absolutely flown by, how did that happen?' But that get's a bit too repetitive and boring, doesn't it?
I will say this though: it has only been in these past two months or so that I have started to feel happy with my blog. I feel like I am finally building a readership and am beginning to really type what I want to type.

This past year I started thinking about monetizing my blog and making money from it. However, I just ended up obsessing about views and comments and follow counts that I seemed to have lost the love for blogging I had in my first coupe of years. No doubt my writing and my content have improved immensely (and hopefully will continue to do so) but I want to rediscover that love I had for blogging again.
A lot has happened since my three years of blogging celebration; heck a lot has happened in my life since I have started blogging. But this blog is really the only thing that has remained constant. Don't get me wrong, this blog changed with me, these past four years. We've gone through countless of facelifts, names and breakups but it's something I will always come back to.

Whether you have been following me for a very long time (I know that it is a very small minority) or have just found me in this past year, I want to say thank you. My blog has always been a reflection of me, what I am thinking, what I am doing and what I am loving and I am so pleased that I can share it with you.
Right now, typing this, I love it. I love sharing my thoughts with you and so my fourth year of blogging is going to be different for me. I am going to really think about my posts and not jump on every single bandwagon. Whether it is a review or a funny story it's going to be 100% honest (they were 100% honest before) but more me and less business like as this blog is a hobby for me. This blog is something to look back on and see what I was wearing four years a go, my past holidays and my adventures and opinions on life NOT a place where I obsess over likes and views.

I apologies for this post being very rambly but I just really needed to tell you guys about how I want my fourth year of blogging to have the love and excitement that my first couple of years did. I also want to thank every single one of you (new readers or old- GA tell me I have a bunch of new ones) THANK YOU. Thank you for commenting, sharing, tweeting, liking and being overall lovely about my blog posts as I really appreciate it and it really inspires me to write more.



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