Sunday, 24 April 2016


If, like me, you carry around a heavy bag filled with things you absolutely don't need (yes the receipts from your last months Nandos is 100% not needed,) this post is definitely for you. I've narrowed the contents of my bag to 7 things that you should never leave the house without.
Each of these things you should never leave the house without will prove essential to your everyday life and indeed help your day run much smoother.
1) Phone and Headphones 
How else are you going to be anti-social in the car, bus or train?
But honestly, I cannot go anywhere without listening to music like what else am I going to do? Stare out of the window or talk to people?

2) Chewing gum
Remember in secondary school when chewing gum was the currency everyone in the classroom dealt with?
Chewing gum is a necessity you should never leave the house without; you never know when you are going to need it or when other people are going to want it.

3)Oyster Card
If you are a Londoner you will know you cannot get anywhere without your Oyster card. We use an Oyster to pay for public transport and since TFL does not take money anymore if we don't have our cards we may as well be stranded because there is no way, we will pay £40 to get a Taxi from Tottenham Court Rd to Euston. Thus, you should never leave your house without a travel card. 

How else are you going to get back into your house? 

5) Money
This one is 100% self explanatory; how else are you going to buy things, if you don't leave the house without money? Unless you have Apple Pay, you don't any money. If you don't have Apple Pay, you can pay for buses and trains on your contactless.

6) Spray
After running for a bus that comes every twenty minutes, you may be a little sweaty or it may be a bit hot outside and once you get to work, you may need a spritz...or three.

7) Drink/ Snack
If you're like me you get a bit grumpy when you're hungry or thirsty. So to save yourself and your day from being ruined by your morose mood, you should never leave the house without a snack.

So if you are one of those people who leave the house with nothing but your phone and no bag, how do you do it? Where do you put all of these 7 things you should not leave the house without? Such things have always baffled me a bit as I don't think I can ever leave the house without any of these things.

What can you never leave the house without?


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