Friday, 11 March 2016


Hey guys, its the weekend; it's time for you to binge watch some tv series. I hold my hands up and confess, I watch a lot of shows online and as it is the season of a bunch of shows ending and a bunch beginning, I thought I would share with you what I have been binge watching lately.

All of these shows will have you clicking 'next episode,' before the the one you are watching has even finished.

1) Shadowhunters 
For fans of Cassandra Clare's books like TMI and TID, you will love this series. The show is based on her TMI series and it is so good! I watched all nine recent episodes in the space of 24 hours. The show follows a group of half angel beings, called Shadowhunters on their mission to find the Mortal Instruments (the objects which created them) before a really bad Shadowhunter, aptly named, Valentine does. Along with this they have to battle werewolves, vampires, faeiries and warlocks aka the Downworld to try and receive these oh so coveted items. Weird alliances for along the way and if they carry out what happens in the books, we are in for some massive shockers. I most definitely recommend this show if you like Teen Wolf and The Vampire Diaries.
RATE: (4/5)
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2) Thirteen
This series only has two episode aired at the moment and it produced by BBC Three. Thirteen is about a girl called Ivy who goes missing at the age of thirteen and then first episode starts with her escaping her captor thirteen years later, at the age of twenty six. I really love this series so far. Ivy story tends to change quite a bit and it really makes you think about her and her true motives. There are so many great plot twists in this as well. I highly recommend this show.
RATE: (4/5)

I started watching Suits last night and omg, I am so happy there are 5 seasons with 20+ episodes. Suits is about lawyers in a law firm. We have the older hotshot partner lawyer and the lawyer (who isn't even a lawyer) but is incredibly smart. The show just follows them on all different cases and it's just amazing and i hear it only gets better.
RATE: 4.5/5 (so far)

4)The Shannara Chronicles
This series just wrapped up season one with a meager ten episodes. The show is post apocolyptic, where the dominant species of Earth are elves. These elves aren't munchkin elves, they're just human size with pointy ears, which makes them superior to trolls, rovers, gnomes and humans. The elves guard this tree called the Elycrees and this tree literally stops all Demons from coming to Earth. However, the tree starts to die and the Elvin Princess has to go on a quest with a druid, human and half human to save it. Whilst this is happening, demons are entering Earth and stirring shit up.I'm not too sure how I felt about this show. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it but it was just very rushed and cliche as there was nothing that I haven't really seen before. 
PS. This show is also based off of a book series. 
RATE: 3/5

I also finished watching Teen Wolf and Pretty Little Liars this month but I've already included them in the last 'TV Shows To Give a Go,' Also, before you say anything, I really don't spend a ridiculous time watching TV a day as most of these, apart from Suits, are all on on different days so I really spend an hour watching TV  a day, two hours tops ;)

What shows are you currently watching?


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