Saturday, 6 February 2016


Hey guys, it is finally the weekend and I just finished work, woohoo. This weekend is especially going to be a lazy weekend (not just because I am skint.) I thought I'd put together the perfect guide on how to have the perfect lazy weekend.

I have had many lazy weekends and I absolutely love them. You don't have to do anything but sit around and laze around and get fat. 

1) Have a lay in (more than one hour- heaven)
2) Stay in your pajamas or if you're like me and cant do that, put on your comfiest clothes.
3) Binge watch your favourite TV show or a new one (#netflixandchill? omg i cringed when i wrote that)
4) Light some candles and read a good book or two.
5) Light more candles and have a long relaxing bath with your favourite bath bomb.
6) Forget your diet and eat the whole dominoes pizza. 
7) While you're at it, might as well crack open a tub of B&J and watch your favourite light hearted movie.
8) Go to bed when you want to sleep...
9) Repeat for day two.

See that's all you need to do to have the perfect lazy weekend. Despite not getting off to the perfect weekend start today, I will have the end tonight and the whole day tomorrow. 
Are you planning a lazy day weekend? What's your pefect lazy day weekend. 

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