Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Over the past couple of weeks I have been constantly tired. However, I can't sleep because I have loads of things to do. Plus, I don't think over sleeping will help my tiredness. I have been trying out a few methods over the last couple of days to stop myself feeling tired.

Many of the methods I have tried to hinder my tiredness really have worked.. some not so much. Today I am going to share the the five things I have tried.

1) Be Active
The number one things that wakes me up, is working out. This doesn't necessarily mean going to the gym (although that is my most effective,) walking can really help wake you up... especially now that it is cold. Not only is this good for yourself, the endorphin release will really wake you up.

2) Get Stuff Done
Don't sit on the sofa in your pajamas, do the things that you need to get done, done. This will really help you distract yourself from your tiredness as you will be focusing on other things. 

3)Have a Cold Glass of Water:
Not only is cold water good for your metabolism, it refreshes your insides and makes you feel wide awake. Most of the time, when we are tired, we are either hungry or thirsty also, so having a glass of cold water will really wake you up.

4) Power Naps
I sucked at this. It took me so long to fall asleep and when I did I continued to snooze my alarm, so instead of sleeping for 20 minutes, I'd sleep for two hours. Although this didn't work for me, I know that it works for other people, so it could work for you.

Hopefully this post gave you some good tips and tricks to keep you wide awake, whether you're sitting at your desk at school (this was me in all of my A level classes) or in a meeting at work, one of these tips are bound to help you.
Do you have any other tips to help people stay away?


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