Sunday, 7 February 2016


Hey guys, today I am coming at you with a post that should have been written well over a year a go. It's about a little experience of mine that changed my perspective on riding a bike and why i will never ride a bike in the road again.

Let me take you back to the summer of '14, to a seventeen year old Georgia and Co. It was a hot summers day in London and my friends and I were going to go to Hyde Park to ride the Boris Bikes. Back then they were Barclay's bikes, not Santander bikes. Anyway, we got off at Euston instead of Hyde Park. My friends then dropped the bombshell: 'we are going to be cycling to Hyde park?'
Erm, what!? Excuse, me but I haven't ridden a bike in about ten years and you are going to have me cycling on the roads? 
Safe to say, I was terrified. As much to my despair, I had to cycle. However,  I could barely brake and my bum really hurt.

Here were all my friends, missing red lights, zooming ahead of me and breaking and starting so smoothly, I could barely keep up. Baring in mind my boss who is a cyclist said he will never ride in London, here I was, racing behind my friends with no regards to anyone's safety, without pads or helmets on a busy London day. I was literally so terrified once when I stopped on the side of the road, besides a pub as there was so many cars! As I was going to turn back onto the road to start again. A lorry came by me and I nearly died. I've never been so close to death and dying of embarrassment all at once. A whole group of people outside a pub chastised me.

After that, there was still a whole lot of cycling to do to get to Hyde Park. I was still terrified and even more so now that I nearly died, that I nearly fell off of my bike twice. My friends literally left me and I was stuck with another friend and we soon gave up and walked to Hyde Park.

Overall, riding a bike in the road was absolutely terrifying and I would 100% never do it again. Safe to say, the roads will forever be free of my cycling on them. It wasn't a pleasant experience and I would recommend that if you haven't ridden a bike in a few years, don't ride it on the roads.


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