Monday, 1 February 2016


Hi guys, I'm just going to point out the obvious and mention the fact that it is indeed, February 1st. I thought I'd start doing 'Hello' introductions to the months and share what I want to do this month and the things I am doing.

Get Back on the Exercise Band Wagon.
In the month of February I really want to get back on the exercise band wagon. I started gym again in January but it is very stop and start. I want to start going a least three times a week. It takes twenty one days to build a habit and have it last.
Eat Healthy
Along with my fitness plan, healthy eating is also up there. I need to eat healthy. Weightloss and fitness is literally 70% what you eat and I need all the good stuff.

Catch Up Completely w/ Pretty Little Liars
I have been watching PLL for the past week and a half and I am finally on Season 5 Episode 21. I cannot wait to see Season 6 and how they have all changed. 

Finish Unit 4 in both Biology and Chemistry
I need to finish the notes for both of these subject and hopefully unit 5s so I can get to exam questions and mini mocks. 

Read At Least Two Books
I have read three books this month, well two and a half and hopefully I will read two and a half books this month, too. I hope to read one of the Harry Potters/ The Shock of the Fall.

I haven't got any momentus things planned for February. Obviously it is Valentine's day and no, Georgia does not have a Valentine's (story of my life.) But I do really want to achieve those things. What do you guys want to achieve?


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