Sunday, 17 January 2016


Hey guys, Happy Sunday! Today's post is going to be about the little things you can do to cheer someone up and make their day. I'm writing this post purely because it is Monday tomorrow and that in itself brings a fresh dose of Monday Blues.. on top of everyone's daily stresses.
I've been thinking about this list for around an hour now and it is quite hard to come up with unique things. Some people think that it is the material things such as buying someone a diamond ring or a fancy car, that would make people happy; it's not. Most people, including myself are just happy with communication.
1) Smile at People
Honestly, it's not that hard. Smiling kindly at someone can add that bit of communication and interaction that they have been missing in their day. It seems like such a small thing but it shows that someone that you do indeed acknowledge them.

2) Ask Someone 'How Are You?'
Many people, lack other's asking them how they are. Honestly, it's such a big thing to people to be asked how they are. Even if someone answers, 'fine,' 'good,' 'you know, the usual,' it's still a nice feeling that someone has asked you how you are doing and has literally taken an interest in your life.

3) Donate Unwanted Things to a Homeless Shelter Charity
Although you cannot see who you are benefiting, just knowing that you have helped someone by giving them clothes or supplying money for vital research funds makes both their day and yours.

4)Hold Doors Open for People.
This is a very tiny act of kindness that is engraved in most of us but it does really help make people's days easier, especially if they are carrying bags, pushing a push chair or are quite old.

5) Tell the People that you Love that you Love Them
This is one thing I suck at so badly. I find it really hard and awkward to say, even thinking about it makes me cringe a bit. However, I know that my mum and dad would love to hear it. Eventhough the people know that they are loved it will make them feel so much happier just to hear it.

That's the list! The great thing about it? You are not wasting any money but just spreading kindness (oh so cheesy.) These things will definitely make someones day. So what are you waiting for, call your mum, grandma, cousin, boyfriend, girlfriend and tell them that you love them.

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