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The NB in italics will be my view point on it now and how my ideas have all developed. (24/01/2016)
The normal font will be my viewpoint from 09/01/2014

'Be Yourself; Everyone Else is Already Taken,' is a quote I most defintely live by every single day. The quote is by Oscar Wilde, who is kind of my favourite classical philosopher quote person. 

NB: If you have  been following my blog for a while, you will know that I have actually already written this post. I was reading a post on Elle&Co about revamping old blog posts because there are ALWAYS hidden gems in your archives that need a bit of love and updating. I also feel as if I can really expand on this post now that I am two years older and have experienced a few more things. 

When i first heard the quote, I was in the stage where I thought I was not good enough and my personality will not mix with the group of people i wanted to mix with. I thought I had to change myself just to fit in. That was until, I saw this quote (following a tad bit of maturing.)

NB: I was actually in my last year or two of secondary school and I felt as if I just didn't fit in with anyone. I felt really out of place and I felt awful about my weight, my appearance and other people's attitudes and thoughts about me. 

I suddenly started thinking that, 'what is the point of trying to change myself, if i am going to be unhappy?' The people who I was with/ wanted to be with will never truly like me for me. There is already a copy of that person I want to be, why do i want to be a clone?'

NB: Although I really did think this, it was still hard to really be myself and really accept the fact that NOT EVERYONE WILL LIKE ME, I think it has taken till the past year for me to really realise this. 

Therefore I stopped looking at myself as someone else and started looking at myself as me. I found and still am finding who I am and who I aspire to be. That sounds a tiny bit contradicting- 'the who i want to be' part. It is not me wanting to be a certain individual but me wanting to be a certain type of individual. For example, i want to be healthy, nice and someone fun to be around. 
This quote always reminds me that: there is only one you in the world. You are unique, unlike anyone else. So what, if people don't like you? Other people will. 
It reminds me that: you are important, the only person you should be is yourself.

NB: To be honest, I think I wrote this because it was related to the post and it was what I really wanted to believe. Although some stuff are true, I am still 'finding' myself and who I want to be. However, now I think that you never really find yourself and who you want to be because we constantly learn new things about ourselves everyday and we experience different things in different ways. 

So THERE IS ONLY ONE 'YOU' IN THE WORLD but you, you're forever changing, so just do you as everyone else is doing them and you know what? People don't care what you do. People like you or they don't. That's really it.
What I've really learnt in the past couple of years is that if you don't do you, you will be miserable and that will stop you from learning new things about yourself that could be vital to your life.

So, you really do have to 'be yourself' because 'everyone else is already taken.' We all experience different things and we all have different paths and aspirations in life, 

This quote really did mean a lot to me, especially in 2014/15. It still means A LOT to me now but it has a much more personal meaning to me now which is: 'just to do you.'

What quotes do you live by?

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