Wednesday, 27 January 2016


There is nothing I love more in a blogpost than a good old wishlist. Tomorrow is finally payday! I have so many things I have been lusting over this month and I thought I'd share with you my monthly wants in a cute wishlist!

I've had some Dr Martens before (well they were unintentionally bought dupes from Missguided) but they are really coming towards the end of their life, so i'd love to replace them with these amazing Lorne Monk Flat shoes. I love how different and unique these shoes are.
I have also been searching high and low for a lovely black bag but since I cannot afford the Mulberry Bayswater, this Warehouse Shopper bag and Zara's Office City Bag will do the job.
I've also made it a mini resolution of mine to wear more eyeshadow, so taken from my high end beauty wishlist is this Naked Palette, which I have been lusting over for 5-ever and ofcourse MAC's Global Glow!

Hopefully, I will get a few of these bits this month. I'd say I want the Dr Martens, the Zara bag and Global Glow the most... actually I want them all the most *over exaggerated sigh.*

What is on your wishlist for pay day?


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