Sunday, 31 January 2016


January. I really don't like the month of January; it's just a massive expectation that eventually leads to disappointment. I feel as though we all have so many things that need to be accomplished in January and most of us don't do any of it.. at all. 

January was both good and bad for me...

January was brilliant for me in terms of blogging; I blogged every single day of the month. This was a huge accomplishment for me as  last year and the year before, I averaged around one a week, I now feel as if I should blog everyday for the rest of the year (omg that's 366 posts.) I do love the fact that I have been blogging daily, though as my traffic has quadrupled!
Also this month I decided to up my instagram game and kind of failed. I am trying to get my vibe and my niche and work out a really good theme... but it's hard.

I've also started up my gym membership again. This one I am a bit wary of. Don't get me wrong, I used to love working out and going to the gym, however now, I am so unfit, it's so hard. Plus, I really want to workout in the weight section but I am absolutely scared to death of all those muscley men. 
I also received my first planner, a couple of weeks ago and have been loving planning my days and weeks (there will be a review of the planner up soon.)
Apart from going to the gym, revising (I finally finished bio unit 2!) and working, I've visited Central London a lot. Carnaby Street is definitely my favourite place to go down; it's just always so cute and pretty. 

To end these monthly life wrap ups, I thought I'd share with you the posts that you guys have been loving this month!

So overall, my January was very 'meh,' some stuff good, some stuff not so good but I did finish a whole season and half of PLL. I would love to know what your January was like. 

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