Thursday, 7 January 2016


Hello cutie pies,
omg, please don't ask me why I just typed that. Anyway, this is my seventh consecutive post this year and we are only on the seventh day of the year! #gome. I plan to blog everyday of this year (hopefully, fingers crossed for me.)
I thought I'd take a look back on 2016 so far and just reminise on it. I also decided to ditch the instagram updates because I cannot keep those up weekly and 'life lately,' just sounds better, too'
Just before 2016, so on the 31st it was my friends birthday and despite this photo not being taken in 2016 it was still posted so hey ho.
2016, so far, has involved a lot of trips to Central London, which means my Oyster Card has had more money deposited from it than a small bank. Oh an in other news this week, travel prices have increased. Thanks TFL :D.

A couple of days a go I had a catchup with one of my friends from secondary school and we found this really cute place off of Carnaby Street which ended up being a massive outdoor eating area that was so cute and festive- I mean, look at that tree. I also obviously had to take an obligatory photo of Liberty because it is just so beautiful and insta-worthy.

I haven't posted many pictures this week apart from a few blog post promotional snaps however, it is one of my goals to instagram at least every day or two this year.

How has your 2016 been so far?
Georgia x

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