Sunday, 3 January 2016


Hey guys! It's currently 11.42 pm on the 29th of December and I just finished reading Half Bad by Sally Green. This will probably be my last read of 2015 and let me just say, it was absolutely amazing. I have never read anything like it.

Debuting as a UKYA first novel from author Sally Green, I must say I am so impressed. The story is told in five parts, each having a different setting. We have Nathan in the present, in a cage, in part one and then his explanation in the past, of how he got to the cage in part two. Then the other parts are told in the present.

The main character, Nathan is half White Witch and Half Black Witch and he is literally the only one ever in existence. As you can guess,  if you are a white witch, you are good and if you are a black witch, you are bad. Nathan's father is the most ruthless Black Witch around, whilst his mother is the opposite. However none of them are present in his life.
White Witches believe it is their duty to hunt down and kill all Black Witches (for some reason, they are still seen as good-_-.) However due to the fact that Nathan is both, they have no idea what to do with him so they, the Council, treat him as if he is an experiment. Nathan has to attend yearly assessments and eventually he is taken away from his White Witch brother, sister and Grandma and is appointed a guardian who takes him away and forces him to live in a cage.
The rest of the novel follows Nathan's journey to break out of the cage and receive his three gifts on his 17th birthday, like all Whets, and become a full Witch. Of course, this wouldn't be a YA novel if Nathan didn't encounter a lot of complications during his journey... and a tiny little forbidden romance.

The writing was absolutely brilliant and had me hooked from the beginning. There was a great development of some of the characters, such as Celia, Nathan's appointed guardian. Although some things in the plot were a bit predictable the most major things weren't and came as a great surprise.
The book deals with a bunch of social issues too such as, homosexuality, brutal bullying and discrimination, in a very well way.

Honestly, some parts will tug at your emotional heart strings and some bits will have you laughing. I, for one, cannot wait to buy the next book in the trilogy (Half Wild) to see what happens next.

Have you read Half Bad? What do you think of it?
Georgia x

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