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Happy New Years, guys! I hope you had an awesome day and have a brilliant year ahead.
Recently i've been getting a few emails from young girls who really want to start a blog but are scared to due to the fact that they don't want other people to know, as they may react negatively.
I've put together some of the reasons, mentioned in their emails, as to why they fear to start a blog and my ways to overcome these. Hopefully, this will inspire you to start your blog in 2016!

'How do I keep it a secret for a while?'
As many of you know, I started my blog way back in 2012, when i was just fifteen and no one knew about it for a good two years. Some of my friends knew about it a year or so in but they didn't say anything.

To keep it secret I didn't tweet about it on my personal twitter, instead I made a new Twitter dedicated to the blog. I also used a bunch of blog names, some related to my name and some not (shoutout to anyone who remembers, Braids and Ballet Flats.) So you basically just want to keep it on the DL and not have it associated with your personal accounts if you want to keep it a secret.

'People will take the piss.'
This is something I was absolutely terrified about. Honestly, I dreaded it. It was just after finishing year eleven, so the summer of 2013, where I decided to tell everyone about my blog. I was sitting in McDonalds with my friends Sarah and Shivani, in central London and they said 'just do it,' and I did. The feedback I got from my blog was mostly really positive. I remember someone literally laughed in my face because there was a video attached to one of my posts but I just didn't care- I dropped them. You do not need un-supportive people in your life.

If you are in secondary school, granted it is really hard to tell people about your blog as people WILL talk about it. Ways to overcome this is to make your blog the best as you will be proud of it and if people know, who cares? If they take the piss, don't take it personally, take it as constructive criticism, However, you will find that only 1/100 people will put shame on your blog, the rest you will find to be surprisingly supportive.
'What if they find out? Like the boys.'
One thing I have learnt is that boys don't care. Honestly they don't. This relates to the section above, when I say mostly everyone will be supportive. Of course, starting out you will get the occasional 'oh I don't like this,' but people will get over it. Most of the aversions are in your head.

'I'll get people talking about it behind my back.'
Like I said, boys will really not care- it's the girls that will. This doesn't include 17y/o+ girls but those in year ten and eleven. Girls are scary at that age because they will talk about it because they have nothing else to say. However, once again, most girls WILL be supportive. You may get the occasional girl group who make snide comments but this will probably last about two days and they will get over it.
Just don't back down and keep posting, you will soon be old news.
It's really weird how people in college and my friends come up to me and say how much they like my posts and they think its cool that I have a blog  (so much so they want to start one.) You will be that person, too!

I guess what I am trying to some up in this post is that most of your fears are in your head. I say you should bite the bullet and do it. If you want to go secret for a while, that's fine but don't keep it secret forever and make it a big deal, Young girls strive on reaction; don't give it to them especially if they talk about your blog negatively. As long as you have friends around you that are supportive, don't worry about other people's opinions. soon you'll be old news. However, there is a very high chance that you will not have to deal with this. People will be surprisingly supportive about it and soon will be following your steps and asking you for help and your opinion on starting their own blog.

I really hope this helped everyone who was asking for help on the matter of starting their own blog.

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