Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Hey guys! I cannot believe January is already nearly over! So far this year I have really gotten into blogging again (I have even blogged everyday of the year so far!) One thing I love especially is reading new blogs both for inspiration and the face that these people's blogs are amazing!

I have found so many new bloggers this month thanks to twitter and facebook. If you don't follow the #BloggingGals and #TheGirlGang hashtags on twitter, i seriously suggest you should as I have found the majority of these blogs from there.

I think I found Rhianna's blog just before Christmas and it has honestly been one of my favourite blog since. Rhianna writes alot about lifestyle and she is really good at making list type posts. Plus her pictures are amazing! I'd check her out if you are looking for some fun lifestyle posts.

I have been following Caitlin's blog for years now, probably since I started blogging and this year, her blog has just become so amazing and great to read. Caitlin's post are all amazing but the ones that really stand out for me are her: blogging posts. She helped me understand google analytics a bit better and also helped be understand the art to taking photos a but better!

I love Forever Amber's blog. Honestly. She helps me so much when it comes to things like 'growing an audience,' and me being nosey, I love seeing her monthly reports. Her blog is also very funny. She blogs about literally every topic and I just love reading her blog!

Those are the blogs I have been LOVING this month! I'm always on the look out for new blogs so please leave your link below or tweet me it! Or even come say 'hi' on Instagram and I will defintely check your blog out :)

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