Thursday, 28 January 2016


Hi guys, I hope you are all doing great. You know that feeling when you have eaten something you know you really shouldn't have and you just feel sick? Yeah? I am experiencing that right now.

If you've been blogging for a very long time, you know you have a HUGE ARCHIVE. I always feel a bit sad when a good post has been buried underneath so many other ones. SO, today I am going to be delving through my archive and finding hidden gems that need a bit more love and really relate to my blog at the moment! 

The REAL first blogging from my bath post, all the way back from 2013. This bath bomb is so beautiful and it literally looked so amazing in my bath. I think it's so going but there is a big chance that it has been discontinued, which will be a real big shame because it is my all time favourite bath bomb.
I really do love this post. It was at the time where I was really into fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle. I am so desperately trying to get back into it and this post will give you insight on easy ways to prepare some snack.

This is by far my most favourite and ambitious of the three. I wrote this after turning eighteen last year and I love the list. It basically a bucketlist post and would love to know if we share any of the same goals and ambitions! 

I really had fun delving through my nearly four year long archive! I will definitely be doing a post like this again. I would love to see some of your archive posts because it is such a shame for good posts to go to waste!


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