Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The Best Christmas Movies Around

IT'S CHRISTMAAAAAAS! Well not today... but in a couple of weeks. Christmas obviously calls for Christmas movies to get you into the Christmas spirit, so here is a few you should definitely watch:

1) Home Alone 1-5
All the Home Alone movies get me into the Christmas spirit as they are all fun and funny, with amazing Christmas vibes. I do however prefer the fourth one, as I watched it all the time as a child. The movies always follow a young boy (most of the time named, Kevin) and what he get's up to whilst he is 'Home Alone' during Christmas time. This mostly involved little Kevin playing a bunch of pranks on the bad guys.

2) Miracle on 34th Street
Once again, this movie is sort of magical. I'll some it up for people who haven't watched it: it includes the girl from Matilda(yes, she's still cute and little,) Santa's on a real court trial and there's a really cute love story.

3) The Elf
No one should go a Christmas without watching the Elf. This movie is so ridiculously funny and heart warming and it never gets old. If you haven't watched it and are a fan of Will Ferrel, go watch it! It follows the adventures of Buddy the Elf in New York City on his hunt to find family and rekindle Christmas spirit.

4) Harry Potter
Despite these films not being Christmassy, the whole magical elements of these movies really get me into the Christmas spirit. I won't summarise HP for you because I am sure you know what it is about but watching them will probably get you into the Christmas spirit.

5) Cinderella
Again, this is not very Christmassy. However, Cinderella is such a magical movie for me. I remeber watching it (the cartoon version) mostly everyday after school on video, which took ages to rewind. This edition is so cute and heart warming though. It definitely gets me into the Christmas spirit of spending time with family.

6)The Holiday
This one is probably on everyone's Christmas favourite list. I don't even properly remember what happened but I remember absolutely loving it.

7)Love Actually
How can anyone not put this on their list? If you are a Brit you know that they literally play it non stop the whole holiday season and it's one of the movies we all associate with Christmas time. All the plots are so cute and heart warming with an amazing celebrity cast such as: Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Keira Knightly, Martine McLucheon and even Liam Neeson stars.

I hope I've given you a few movies to get into the Christmas spirit! What movies would you recommend?
Georgia x


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