Sunday, 13 December 2015

Five Places I'd Love to Visit #2

Hi guys, last year (well nearly two years a go now) I posted my 'Five Places I'd Love to Visit' and since then I have accumulated more places to put on my wanderlust list.
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1)St Petersburg, Russia. Whenever I see pictures of this beautiful place, I always crave to go. The architecture seems so amazing. I actually came across this city from the Vampire Academy books and the description has stuck with me since. I reeeally want to go. Just look at it in the snow!

2) Cappadocia, Turkey. Cappadocia seems so archaic and lovely, The place is literally made of caves and everything is built around them. The reason why I'd love to go to Cappadocia is to do the whole hot air balloon at sunrise thing as it is meant to be so beautiful.

3)Sydney and Brisbane, Australia. I've always wanted to go to Australia but even more so now. I can't really describe why I want to go, I just want to see it and perhaps live it. Life just seems so much better, healthier and amazing over there.

4)Indonesia. Again, I'd just love to see Indonesia for the sake of the amazing architecture, temples, animals and its beautiful culture. Definitely google image this one.

5)Japan. Japan is metaphorically out of this world. Their technology is amazing. I'd love to go there and just see everything and ofcourse buy things from a supermarket vending machine and ride the underground!

So those are this years five places I'd love to visit. What are some of your places you'd love to see?
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