Thursday, 31 December 2015


2015 has definitely been a year of change for me. I finished college, turned 18, started driving and I am now on a gap year. I didn't expect 2015 to go as it did. I thought I had my life planned out however, 2015 taught me that I don't. Things happen and they happen for a reason and most of the time there's nothing you can do to stop them but just let them happen. Eventhough I originally thought the things that happened were for worse, like nit getting the A level results I want, I am kind of grateful for the break from school work, despite having to still revise. Nevertheless, I have more time to dedicate to my blog and work and figure out what I want, although I don't think I ever will figure that one out.

In my previous post I went over my results from the resolutions I set in 2015, you can see them here and now I am here to create new ones for 2016!

1) Expand my blog and make it something of which I am proud of.
2) Produce amazing content for you all (watch out, Pinterest)
3) Save up monaaayyy
4) Continue to live out of my comfort zone
5) Stay true to my values and morals (? lol idk- i think those are the same things.)
6) Go to a different country
7) Read 35 books
8) Read the Harry Potter series
9) Actually revise this year
10) Be healthy and happy!
11) Achieve my weight goals
12) Be kinder
13) Think more about my actions and words before I go and do something or say something

Well those are my 2016 resolutions. I know they are not grand and they are probably the typical new years resolutions, I will try my best to stick to them!

What are your resolutions for 2016?
Georgia x

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