Thursday, 17 December 2015


Hi guys, I'm coming to you today with a bit of a personal post. So many people are writing posts on why they love Christmas and they are so lovely to read however, I thought I'd do a post on what Christmas means to me and hence why I love it. Excuse the cheese in this post (if it shows up.)
Being little, waking up on Christmas morning at the crack of dawn, running downstairs with my little brother and seeing the piles of Christmas presents Father Christmas left for my siblings and I was magical. Hearing Christmas songs blasted from the radio whilst we tear through our pile and my mum and dad film and take pictures is something that will always stick with me. I used to love opening presents and playing with everything I got on Christmas morning and then taking my favourite to my Granparents' house to show it off to my cousins.

However Christmas now isn't about all the presents I receive; I much prefer giving them, to be honest. Christmas is now about just spending time with family. As we've all gotten older my cousins and I don't see eachother as much as we used to. We used to see eachother every single day when we were little, believe we were referred to as the Von Trapp Family. So now when we get together it's really nice and the only time it really happens is on Christmas day. We eat a whole bunch of food, cooked by my Grandma and Co. drink and catchup and just be together (ohhh cheeesy cheeesy.)
Also, Christmas provides an amazing time off of work to eat, relax, watch a bunch of TV, eat and eat.

So that is what Christmas means to me. I'd love to hear about what it means to you?
Georgia x

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