Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Thoughts When Running

A couple of days a go, I decided to take up running again. When i say 'again' it really just means for the first time since running on a treadmill at the gym, which is completely different than running outside, by the way. On my first run, in a very long time, I thought i'd share with you my thoughts:

'Okay, let's do this.'
'I'm going to think I look like the epitome of fit, but watch how i look like a donkey.'
'See jogging isn't so bad. You've got this.'
'Jheeze I've been running for so long.' *looks at time on running app* 'how has it only been 30 seconds!?'
'I am so out of breath.'
'When did I get so unfit!?'
'OMG I am dying. Help me.'
'Why are my sport leggings falling down?'
'Okay, you've earned to walk for a bit (or a kilometer)'

'Yeah that's right, just pause your run to take a picture for instagram (not to catch your breath back.)'
'When is this stitch going to leave my body?'
'Would it be un-ladylike and totally disgusting to spit out this weird thing (is it blood?) in my mouth?'
'Well at least I actually came out running.'
'Yeah, I'm not going to run anymore. I'll do better next time.'
'Oh forget this, I'm going home.'

But seriously, I really want to get a bit more fitter so I can run long distances without getting tired and every run that I go on will get me closer.
On the other hand, as said above, I really did feel like dying on my first run :')

What are your thought's when running?

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