Sunday, 9 August 2015

21 Things to do Before I turn 21

This is a very late night post for me, 11.30 to be exact. I was just watching Pretty Little Liars, thinking about life and how much I want to do and achieve before I am officially an adult adult (21 to be precise.)

                                      photo is mine :)

1) Visit another continent, something like Africa or one of the Americas. Australia sounds cool too.
2) Pass my driving test
3) Go scuba diving
4) Go to New York
5) Read the whole Harry Potter series (I can't believe I haven't read these either.)
6) Watch a drive by movie because I am most definitely born in the wrong era
7) Be a total tourist in continental Europe
8) Go to university
9) Learn to speak better Greek
10) Go on a Safari (even if it is at London Zoo or Chessington.)
11) Go to a very messy festival
12) Go go-carting and beat everyone else
13) Have an amazing wardrobe
14) Have an AWESOME youtube and blog
15) Camp underneath the stars
16) Have a healthy mind and body, that I want
17) Meet someone who has my back!
18) Find out who I am (oh so cheesy and dramatic.)
19) Find my dream career
20) Live somewhere away from home that is not London
21) Be happy.

That is what I want to achieve before I am twenty-one. Some of them are the typical what everyone wants to do before they become a real adult type of thing. Hopefully I'll achieve at least fifteen of these, some travel and experiences and then all the 'spiritual' ones.  But hey, I have 3 years to complete all of these so we will see how it goes!

What do you want to achieve before you are 21/25/18?


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