Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Why Sharing a Room SUCKS!

Hello everyone! For the past eighteen years (so all of my life) I have shared a bedroom with my sister, which is totally terrible and awfully suckish for these reasons (to which everyone on the planet sharing a bedroom can relate to.)
                                       img source pinterest: edited by me :)

1) Not being able to sleep because they want the light on.

2) After you argue with your roomie in your bedroom and you can cut the tension with a knife.

3) When they have to wake up early in the morning and both their alarm clock and them getting ready wakes you up.

4) When they are singing/ talking/ playing their awful music out loud and all you want to do is read/ have some peace and quite.

5) Having to SHARE every single thing in your bedroom, which includes wardrobe space and clothes.

6)Not having any personal space when you desperately want it. You have nowhere to go to be alone, to cry, watch tv, etc. because they are always there.


THAT is why sharing a room absolutely SUCKS. I am pretty sure I can come up with many more reasons but this post will be way too long.

Do you share a room and can add to this list? Tell me some of you reasons :) 


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