Thursday, 9 July 2015

FREE Things to do in the Summer

Hey guys, so for most of us we are either on our annual leave (or going to be) or we're on our summer holidays, if you are still in school- I really do feel sorry for you. Living in London most things that you want to do our quite expensive and lets face it: we are not all made of money, especially us students. I have therefore composed a list of fun, free* things (not including travel) that you can do in London and mostly anywhere else.

1) Visit some museums: my personal favourite is definitely the natural history museum.
2) Hit up Hyde Park or any other big park: you can ride on bikes or just walk around the whole place.
3) Go to Camden Town: the stalls and the atmosphere is very unique and different.
4) Go to Brick Lane: once again the culture is different and the stalls and sights are something new.
5) Be a tourist in your own city- go sight seeing.
6) Get on a bus/ train and just go anywhere.
7) Go to a big nature park, like Kue Gardens #beautiful
8) Visit some galleries.
9) Go to the Theatre Royal Stratford East on Monday nights for a free comedy show
10) Go on a picnic
11) Go and see all of the west end.
12) Check out the fountains in Granary Square
13) Go to the new Foyle's flagship store (#bookloversdream)
14) Go window shopping in Knightsbridge
15) Go to the Tower Of London
16) Go all over zone 1 and zone 2 and take pictures of all the pretty buildings
17)See the animals in Regent's park
18) Take pictures of the city skyline at the top of Primrose Hill
19) Visit Notting Hill
20) Just go somewhere open and relax with your friends.

So that was my very short list of things to do in the summer. I know this ended up being pretty London based but London is really all I know. However, some/ most of these can apply to your city if you change the name of the attractions ;)

If you have anything else to add, please do.


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