Saturday, 20 June 2015

Exams are Over! WRU #2

HEY GUYS! GUESS WHAT? YOU PROBABLY HAVE ALREADY GUESSED BUT MY EXAMS HAVE FINISHED! (Praise, Jesus, hallelujah! - lol you so said that in Iggy Azaleas accent)
I know it is not Sunday but if I do instagram tomorrow, it will be included in next weeks post, which will be a 18th BIRTHDAY/ PROM WRU!

                                                                instagram: @georgiaanicolaou

Anyhoo, after a few very long and struggling months I finally finished my A levels (!) and to be honest would rather never speak about them again, thank you very much.
It's just such a strange time of year as it brings both excitement and yet a whole bunch of worry as to university and whether I am actually getting in...
Having said that, it also gives us students, many, many, many reasons to celebrate: I'll give you a couple here and may even do a whole post on it, that's how many reasons there are:
1) You do not have to spend hours and hours and yes, hours sitting down and revising things that you will never need in your life.
2) You can finally have that lay in that you've been dreaming about for months, scrap that, you can have a whole two months worth.

So celebrating is indeed something I did, as despite finishing my exams before the last A level exam (hence, the obligatory pizza foodgram,) everyone celebrated yesterday. My friends and I celebrated with one too many drinks. Nevertheless we had a great/ eventful night. ;)

How have you, if you are a student, celebrated the end of exams? Or how have you been relaxing lately in general?


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