Sunday, 12 April 2015

Things Every Girl has Lying Around her Bedroom

I dread... dread tidying up my room. I dread it so much that my sister does it for me. Don't be like that... we share a room. I'm kidding I actually DO clean my room. When recently tidying up my room I thought why don't i write a post about all the crap girls have in their rooms!? So without further ado:
1) Water Bottles. How do we have so many? how do we accumulate so much, yet still feel we're drinking too little water? Seriously, I don't understand this. You'd expect us to take our water bottles downstairs to the bin but they just collate and stay there for a good week or two.

2)Hair clips. We all have the odd hair clip, or twenty, lying around on our bedroom floors, near our mirrors and under our bed. Even though it's a joy finding them you wonder how they got there, since you haven't worn clips in your hair for ages.

3) Receipts and clothing tags. All over shelves in the wardrobe we probably all have a bunch of tags and reciepts of the things we bought recently (or a couple of months a go) that we can't be bothered to throw away because who knows, we may want to return them.

4)Hair. This one is a bit disgusting, but if you have long thick hair, you have your long thick hair everywhere. I'm talking about: on your pillows, on your floor, you windowsill and even in your sock draw (i really don't know how.)

5) Things of 'Sentimental' Value. Yes, I know you have still have that wristband you brought in year nine to get into the fair and maybe even the movie ticket for a film you can't remember from 2014. However, these still somehow remain in our rooms a token of that day or maybe because we are too lazy to bin them.

So, those are the things that I find as a common occurrence in both my bedroom and my friends' bedrooms, so probably in yours, too!

Have I missed anything out? Tell me if i did :)


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  1. I hear you sister. I have a designated shelf for water bottles. Of course my life has changed dramatically (really 1/10, but it's still significant to me) since I decided I needed one in my room all the time. xxoBeka


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