Friday, 10 April 2015

Book Talk #8: Solitaire by Alice Oseman

Hey guys! I have not done a Book Talk since January and I just read a really lovely book, that I wanted to share with you. Solitaire is Alice Oseman's debut novel and what a brilliant novel it was.

The novel follows Tori, a miserable (you could say depressed,) sixth former living in England. Tori goes to grammar sixth form for all girls and some boys, she is in AS.  In the first chapter Tori meets a boy called Michael in a computer room which they both found via PostIt notes. On the screen read a message: '' She thinks nothing of it and goes on as normal. She then meets a boy called Lucas who she used to know in primary school- they were best friends,
Mysterious and frankly weird things start to happen to their school: Higgs. The rest of the novel discovers who/what is behind Solitaire and takes many twists and turns, with Solitaire pranks increasing in severity! Eventually, they decide to try and stop Solitaire.

The whole idea of the blog Solitaire was quite peculiar and sometimes far fetched for me, for example they hacked a whole school computer system and managed to lock the doors (i don't know how.)

This book was so amazing in the sense that the author included relevant British teenage culture, probably because Oseman was a teenager (or near enough) when she wrote this. For example, we had Boy London, Tumblr, music festivals, chinos, the list is endless.

With the characters I found that I could not relate with Tori as much as I did the other characters. Tori the female protagonist was very cynical and pessimistic and an overall introvert. She thought everything was stupid and pretty much hated everyone including Disney! The other character's were really well written and very complex. My favourite character was Charlie. Charlie is a gay, fifteen year old, who I believe has an eating disorder mixed with OCD  and who has a boyfriend, who is equally just as amazing.

'Solitaire' therefore deals with a whole load of teenage and all around issues, such as homophobia, drinking, bullying and eating disorders. Oseman was great at writing about these issues: it was done very well and never too extreme or cheesy.

Overall, Alice Oseman's debut novel Solitaire is a great read that I thoroughly enjoyed. I never thought I would as I am very critical when it comes to British YA novels set in current day England but Oseman got the culture spot on.  I thoroughly recommend this novel!

If you have read Solitaire or anything similar, tell me what you think!
Do you have any other book recommendations?

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