Saturday, 14 March 2015

What I've Been Watching! Things You Should be Watching!

Hey guys! So I have been away for a few weeks. My break from the blogosphere was refreshing. To be honest, I did not particularly want to take a break, I just got swamped with college work, which I should be doing now *oops.*

Within these past few weeks I sort of became glued to the gym, my textbooks and my laptop. I thought I'd share with you guys a few series I have been watching online and shows you should definitely watch to unwind or procrastinate.

The 100.
OMG guys. Please watch this. Not many of my friends like this TV show but I can assure you its brilliant. It takes place in a post apocalyptic Earth, where in the first season 100 teenagers from a space ship: 'the arc' are sent down to see if the Earth is hospitable. The 100 delinquents soon find out that it is indeed hospitable but they are not alone. The fist season explores the Sky People (the ones from the arc) and the Grounders- those on the ground. Many exciting this happens which jeopardize the safety of everyone. The season ends with a war between the two and the lead female protagonist seems to be kidnapped along with the survivors of her people by these people, who we find out in the second season, to be called 'Mountain Men.' The second season sees an allegiance between two sides and many shockers about the nature of a few of the characters. I highly recommend watching this show. Oh and Calvin from Hollyoaks is in it ;)

American Horror Story.
I've just started this series, I do not know why (especially with the magnitude of exams I have coming up) since every episode is 1 hour long. I am currently on season 1 episode 2, however, I will probably be a couple of episodes a head before this goes up. I'm talking about tomorrow LOL. I really like this show so far. The first episode was really great. I know the settings change for each series but the first series follows a family trying to get past their differences, who move into this house. The house is seriously haunted, as we see from the framing narrative which takes place thirty years prior to the present day. The house, the help that come with it and the neighbor definitely have a hand in what's going on, i just know it.

Do you watch any of these shows? What are you currently watching?


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  1. oh my goodness I definitely want to watch The 100 now! And America Horror Story is an all time favourite <3 great post xx

  2. I love American Horror Story!


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