Saturday, 28 March 2015

My Favourite Films Growing Up! #Nostalgia

So I recently saw Corrie from Dizzy Brunette do this post and I absolutely loved it and thought I'd give it a go. Just a warning be prepared to be hit with a bunch of GIFS and Nostalgia. I also though I'd delve into my pre early teenage years and post some of the movies i watched when i was very little.


What little girl didn't watch Cinderella every day.. on repeat? Cinderella was just perfect. 

Scooby Doo Movie!

I was obsessed with the Scooby Doo TV show. I mean it, every single day at 6.30 pm, before Coronation Street, on Boomerang, me and my little brother used to watch it without fail. Then when this bad boy came out on video, Saturday mornings at 8 o'clock were dedicated to this movie. I loved it and don't lie, you did to. Also, there is no denying that you fancied Fred just a tiny bit, too. Anyhoo, Scooby Doo taught us that even humans can be monsters.

The Cat In The Hat!

I watched this movie like a thousand times! I was just in love with the whole Cat in the Hat world. And let's be real: who didn't dress up as Thing 1, Thing 2 in their lives, or even contemplate it?

Mean Girls:

Every teenage girl, even to this day, quoted Mean Girls in secondary school. If you didn't go dressed up as a cat for Halloween, you obviously went as a mouse...duh. I just loved Mean Girls because Kady turned into a total b*tch but then found herself again and showed people don't need popularity to be happy.

The Princess Diaries.

The Princess Diaries are famous books by Meg Cabot which were made into movies. The movies are brilliant. Mia, played by Anne Hathaway was hilarious. The movie showed that everyone is beautiful and anyone can be a princess. Mia also always had a strong eyebrow game 

So those were the movies I loved and watched a bajillion times growing up.
Tell me wa=hat you watched growing up or if we watched anything similar!


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