Thursday, 8 January 2015

Book Talk #7: Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell #firstread2015

ill apologise first for the awful picture :(

Hey guys, I hope you are all doing well! So i recently finished my first book of 2015 and that was Rainbow Rowell's Eleanor and Park. OMG guys, i loved, loved to the moon and back, this book. I was at first skeptical to jump into it because I thought she may be another John Green for me (way too hyped and overrated,) but i was amazingly proven wrong.
I now totally agree with anyone when they say Rainbow Rowell is the QUEEN of contemporary. Having this to be the only Rainbow Rowell book I have read, I was blown away by the writing. I felt as if I could relate to both Eleanor and Park, in different ways, which doesn't normally happen for me. I love how Eleanor is not the person who people would think would get a guy, and she does! You go, Big Red.
I also loved all the issues dealt with in this book. I was, mouth hangingly, shocked at the end when Eleanor put together all the pieces and found out what was happening with her step dad. The book dealt with other issues, too such as bullying, teen romance, abuse and 'predation' (i guess you could say.)

Overall, the book was amazing and just blew me away. 5000/5!

OH and if you guys have read this book, what do you think the 'three words' are?


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