Thursday, 15 January 2015

A New Direction

So these past few months...
...i'm talking around six, seven months now, I've been feeling a kind of sluggishness towards my blog and writing any posts.
I feel as if my posts aren't 'me' anymore. I feel wrong sitting down and writing a beauty post, when i really dont have much to say on the topic and i'm not really that interested. Don't get me wrong, if i really like the product, I will review it. However, beauty just does not interest me as much as it did before. I remember sitting down and beginning this blog and I constantly wrote about mascaras and lipsticks and eyeshadows as it was something I was obsessed with! I am still obsessed with fashion, as you can see from the magnitude of posts on the topic this past year but beauty has taken a seat in boot.

I guess what I am trying to say is...
...I don't want to be a beauty blogger anymore. I don't want to write about a lipstick that is pretty ordinary and not well loved- I am pretty sure the younger teen in me is screaming at me for this. I just don't want to carry on writing about something i am not interested in.

So what's the new direction, you ask?
I want to write more about what interests me. I love blogging about my life, my adventures and of course fashion.I also love blogging about little things like: my favourite books, fitness, albums, food, stationary and other knick knacks.  I am going to try and put more effort into taking amazing photographs and producing amazing quality for both this blog and my youtube channel. I guess this means my blog is pretty much a lifestyle and fashion blog, now!

If you are a lifestyle/ fashion blog, teen or adult please leave your link below!


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