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Goodbye 2014: How Did My 2014 NY Resolutions Go?

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Hey guys! Happy New Years Eve! Im currently typing this up on the 30th as I am too busy shopping/ getting ready/ am out on New Years Eve. Technically, it is already New Years eve as it is 11.59. 
This year, for me, could have gone better but also could have gone worse. Like I said in my: 'Happy New Year 2014' post, 2014 was definitely a year of change and gaining experience in things and learning more about myself. 
If you want to go and look at that post- you can click here. 
I did write, in that post, a few less personal resolutions, that I really hope to achieve, again you can click to see those resolutions (or scroll down.)

1) Continue on in my weightloss. This means not to go back to old eating habits and maintain working out 3/4 times a week, to result into finally getting my goal body.

2)Expand my blog and YouTube. I want to become much more confident in my blog and making videos. I want my blog to become more myself. I know 2013 was finally coming out of my blogging shell so I hope 2014 will be expanding my blogging/vlogging oppurtunities.

3) Save enough money to buy and MacBook Pro and a Canon Camera. So I roughly have to save around £1600! This may or may not happen, depending if i...

4) Get a Job. I want to get a job so I can make my own money and buy things I want to buy.

5) Ace all of my AS exams. So this means revising very hard and making sure I understand everything.

6) Keep a memory jar. I totally missed out on doing this last year so I am definitely going to do it this year. Whenever something good happens to me I will write it down and place it in the jar and then at the end of 2014 I will open them all up and see all of the good things that happened to me this year. 

So, have i completed these? 
1) I did at the beginning of they year continue on with my weightloss, I then became very uninspired and have stayed the same weight- something of which i hope to change. (TICK)

2)Expand my blog and youtube. I would definitely tick this. Although my blog hasnt grown considerably in size, I feel comfortable with what I want to post. I also attended my first ever blogger event which was also very fun. (TICK)

3) Save up enough money to buy a Canon and a Macbook. Well, I did save up enough money and did buy my Canon Camera- mentioned in my 'top 14 products of 2014.' What i did not buy is my Macbook. I felt very silly at the feeling of buying a Macbook as it's just so much money. I know the Mac is worth it but I'd rather wait until I go to uni and will actually have a few pennies left over. (TICK)

4) Get a job! Yes, yes I did. Despite spending half of 2013 searching and getting turned down for jobs, I finally got one very awful one and then one good one(c'mon I can't say amazing, after all it is a job.) (TICK)

5) Acing all my AS exams. We will skip this one. 

6)Despite not having many standout, amazing memories this year I did keep a memory jar. I kind of know all the good things anyway as I remember writing each one of them. Sorry. (TICK)

So I achieved 4.5, lets say, out of 5 resolutions. I'm quite happy with that, indeed. I will also definitely be doing a 2015 new years resolution list. Wow, 2015. 

Did you achieve your resolutions this year? Have an amazing New Years guys and dont drink/eat too muchor you'll start the year throwing up.

Thanks for the support this year :)


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