Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Book Talk #5: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

It has been quite a while since I did a Book Talk (formerly called Bookworm.) I remember my last Book Talk was on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, nearly a year a go!
Anyhoo, I know the world and it's aunt have read this book but I just had to throw my two pennies in.
Me Before You amazingly written by Jojo Moyes completely tugged on my heart strings. Being seventeen and not really aware of quadriplegics or anyone of any severe disability I first thought that I'd despise this book as I thought it'd be a sad sob story of sorts.
However, meeting the character of Will really altered my view on the novel. Seeing his life and feelings through the narration of Louisa really made me love the book. The book introduced me to adult concept for example, the book is heavily based on euthanasia. I distinctively remember studying the subject in year nine history and I was vehemently anti euthanasia unless there was absolutely no chance of a good life at all. It was a completely foreign and new concept to me but I felt extreme sympathy for Will although he had a good quality of life, despite not being able to do anything for himself. I found myself siding with him through a lot of issues and conflicts in the book as well as agreeing and seeing the points to his decisions something of which I never thought I would.

Me Before You has altered my perception of people like Will and has taught me many lessons of how it is like to be disabled and seeing what it is like from their eyes and point of view. 

I wouldn't say the novel is necessarily a romance between Will and Louisa but more of, through my eyes, an exploration of an eye opening concept not heavily seen in society. 

Overall, I recommend 'Me Before You' to everyone! It really opened my eyes to more contemporary, adult issues and I loved it.


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