Thursday, 24 July 2014

July Book Haul

So i went book shopping!! I haven't done a book haul post in quite a while, i think my last one was last year(!) It's summer right now so I plan to read a lot of books.

The Maze Runner by James Dashner: I cannot wait to read this book! Dylan O'brien is in the movie so I have to read the book. I know these books do get mediocre reviews but I really love the concept.

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell: I am trying to get into this book right now. It's basically about this soul who gets reincarnated into six different beings throughout time. It starts off in the Victorian period, which is my least favourite period to read about therefore I am finding it hard to get into.

The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han: I have already read this book and I really like it. It is apart of a contemporary trilogy about this girl called Belly who cant decide between her Mum's bestfriend's sons, who she spends every single summer with. 

A Game Of Thrones by Georgia R. R. Martin: I cannot wait to read this!! I am obsessed with the TV show and the books are always better so I need to read this. Also, I am trying to get into fantasy more so this is perfect!

Beautiful Creatures by Kammi Garcia and Margaret Stohl: I had the second and third books so obviously i needed the first to start the series. I do not know much about these books but I do know it was an epic movie which loads, millions, of people have read and loved.

So that's it! Have you bought any books this month?


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